Road trip to Wild West

Road trip to Wild West / Rozita Spinasa / photography exhibition

DEXAMENES, June – October 2024

A photographic journey of wandering and self-awareness in the Western Peloponnese.

All-gold fields full of corn moving rhythmically in the wind, motorcycles running alongside the fire, gas stations with signs that act like beacons in the middle of nowhere, cars abandoned in an indeterminate position in place and time, dedicated to the deities of a controversial and precisely because of this, absolutely charming aesthetics. And next to all this, the vacationers of the evening and the racket stand out as the only non-negotiable lovers of the Greek summer and without any hesitation allow themselves to be captured forever by the click of a carefree ideal and openly vulnerable.

Beneath the cobwebbed veil of warm ocher, Rozita Spinasa’s photographs take the form of small confessional chronicles that all together compose the pieces of a multidimensional puzzle. Unquestioning the desire to search for meaning in the place of origin where she spends her summers in the western Peloponnese, the photographer unfolds images drawn from an amalgam of retro nostalgic mood that can sometimes touch ambiguity.

Through the vigor of this aesthetic geography, the fragment -an element of aimless wandering- in a continuous interaction with the environment is projected in all its glory, highlighting the special spirit of the place and capturing the emotional mood that characterizes the moment.

This proximate sense of the familiar is the personal and completely self-confessional testimony of the experience that turns into a memory, inextricably linked to folk and rock, American b-movies and the short story that draws from the full reservoir of the Greek countryside. 

Inside the lens is reflected the image of a world that is hard and at the same time tender that is not decoded at once except through the moment and the fragment, a world that, while it has changed irreversibly, its joints refuse to break definitively. This is the highest consolation that art can offer.

Following the footprints he leaves behind and capturing them on photographic paper, Rosita Spinasa assembles him, redefines him and renews him. Click.

Sophia Braimakou,


Photographer’s bio Rozita Spinasa originates from Amaliada and lives in Athens.

She studied law at the Universities of Athens and Cologne and works as a lawyer and mediator.

In 2017, her collection of short stories entitled “stomastomasto” was released, with which she was nominated for the prize for the debutant in prose of the magazine “The Reader”, and in 2019 was released her second collection of short stories “Seeds for planting”, (“Kedros” publications). In 2021 she attended a photography seminar at Leica Academy, and in September 2023 she held her first solo photography exhibition entitled “Wanderings in Ilioupoli”. “Road trip to the Wild” is her second photo exhibition.

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