Primitive Ceramics

Primitive Ceramics at Dexamenes

A Fusion of Ancient Craft & Contemporary Architecture. Wild clay primitively baked in the sand. 

w/ k-studio architects and the local ceramist Iasonas Damianos. Video and Images by Giagkos Papadopoulos.
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Dexamenes Hotel stands as a testament to architectural innovation and historical resonance. Once a post-war winery, its transformation into a beach resort symbolizes the intersection of past and present. 

Against this backdrop, the k-studio architects’ retreat unfolds, delving into the primal art of ceramics with the aid of a local ceramist. 

Clay, an elemental substance entwined with humanity’s narrative since antiquity, holds profound significance in both global history and ancient Greek culture. From its pivotal role in the birth of civilization to its embodiment of craftsmanship in the Hellenic era, clay remains a cornerstone of material culture. 

In the pursuit of reconnection with tradition and place, architects and artisans converge to extract wild clay from the surrounding terrain. This act mirrors the ancient practices of Greek potters who sourced their materials from the earth, forging vessels imbued with cultural identity and artistic expression. The architects, eschewing modern conveniences, they employ primitive firing techniques, baking their creations in the sand—an homage to the ancestral methods of Greek ceramicists. 

Beyond mere artistic endeavor, this immersion in ceramics serves as a conduit for architectural exploration. Contemporary architects leverage this tactile engagement with clay to deepen their understanding of materiality, fostering a symbiotic relationship between built environment and natural landscape.


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