Out of Thin Air

The paintings in this collection were conceived and created during unprecedented times. A year of flux and flow, highs and lows, courage and uncertainty. Heightened by confinement, our senses were hyper-aware of tiny and usually overlooked shifts in light, air, sound, and their effect on our thoughts, on our day.

Fits and bursts of frenzied productivity were interwoven with constant distractions and demands. Through all this we steered an unpredictable course, without a map, keeping a close eye on the horizon for a sign that we were going in the right direction.

Through the application of paint on textile the instinct to let go or hold back, think again or not think at all is explored. A gradual surrendering of control leads to a renewed sense of growth. Suddenly evidence of prevailing life is everywhere. Out of thin air inspiration grasps, we submit full-heartedly, and then, when our attention is pulled in another direction we go, without fear.


‘As a painter I am drawn to the layers and textures of nature, the way that light and air play with them and how they blend, blur, shift and transform through the day and through the seasons. I like the contrasts they reveal, of intensity and drama with serenity and calm.

I work intuitively, setting up the canvas with base of questions and problems that then ask to be solved, through spontaneous decisions about colour and form. Landscapes – real, imaginary or remembered – stay in my mind’s eye, raise the questions and inspire the resolutions.’ 

Originally from the UK and with a background in architecture, Joanna Burtenshaw lives in Athens and works as an artist and illustrator.

The collection can be viewed in person at the Dexamenes Seaside Hotel from the 28th May until the 30th September, 2021.

Paintings are on display at the hotel for the duration of the exhibition, after which sold pieces will be packaged and delivered to buyers by courier.

They are framed with narrow, decapé stained, natural wood.

created by Human Minds

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