Marble Sculpting: A meaningful dex.perience

Marble Sculpting: A meaningful dex.perience

At Dexamenes, our mission is to serve as a platform for purpose-driven and mindful experiences. We go beyond traditional hospitality to offer our guests an immersive journey into the rich cultural and historical tapestry of our region.

A visit to Dexamenes Hotel isn’t complete without a trip to Ancient Olympia, the revered birthplace of the Olympic Games. Stepping into this historical site, guests are transported back to the classical period, where they can marvel at the renowned collection of marble statues that have withstood the test of time. The grandeur and artistry of these ancient sculptures offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and the advanced artistic skills of the Classical Greek era.

However, at Dexamenes Hotel we believe in taking this experience a step further. We encourage guests to extend their journey by visiting the studio of the local artist Alexandros Papalabros, who is not only a graduate of an esteemed School of Fine Arts but also has a notable background in the rehabilitation of ancient Greek sculptures. This artist opens his studio to guests, providing an intimate and educational experience where they can learn about the intricate art of marble sculpting.

In the artist’s studio, guests are invited to partake in a hands-on workshop, where they can try their hand at sculpting under the guidance of Alexandros. This unique opportunity allows guests to connect with the materiality of Greek geomorphology, understanding the nuances and techniques that have been passed down through generations. The tactile experience of working with marble brings a new level of appreciation for the ancient sculptures seen in Olympia and provides a personal connection to the artistry of the classical period.

For Dexamenes Hotel, this combination of historical exploration and artistic engagement epitomizes our vision of dex.periences—experiences that are meaningful, educational, and purposeful. By offering such thoughtfully curated activities, we ensure that Dexamenes guests gain a memorable and profound understanding of Greek heritage. Dexamenes’s commitment to providing educational and purposeful experiences aligns with our broader mission of fostering a deeper connection to the rich cultural and historical landscape of Greece.

In essence, a stay at Dexamenes Hotel is more than just a luxurious retreat; it is an enriching voyage through time and art. The blend of visiting Ancient Olympia and engaging with a contemporary artist allows guests to appreciate the continuity and evolution of Greek culture. It is this dedication to meaningful experiences that sets Dexamenes apart, making it a haven for those seeking to connect with the past while creating lasting memories in the present.

Smili is the only marble workshop in the Peloponnese region open to the public where the guests can approach the art of marble sculpting. Smili can host workshops, art exhibitions, music and artistic performances.

The artist Alexandros Papalabros is a graduate of the Tinos fine arts college and he is known for working in the most of the significant archeological sites of Greece like Acropolis Athenes, Nemea, Dilos island and of course Ancient Olympia with one of his latest projects the restoration of King Ptolemeus ‘s column.

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