Filoxenia (GR): (trans.) Hospitality
Fýlo (GR): (trans.) Gender

As the title suggests, the project simultaneously explores the
complex notions of gender and hospitality.

The project was realized through a phygital residency by Ingrid Hideki and Evá Papadakis, and is
curated by Socrates Stamatatos. 

Departing from the history of the concept of hospitality in Greece and in academia, they explore an intersection of gender/sexual identities and those related to the power dynamics between host and guest. Familiar images that refer to our digital identity, such as simulation games like ‘The Sims’ and dating/hook up apps, are transformed into sci-fi movie storytelling. There the protagonists experience a contemporary identity crisis.

From the aforementioned crisis emerge questions such:

  • What is gender and hospitality contemporaneously?
  • How does the dominant social narrative about these concepts, reject anything that deviates from it?

– If you had a son, would you prefer for him to be a homosexual or a gambler?

– A homosexual NO. A gambler… sounds better. 

Faced with the history of Dexamenes, which were a central pillar of the wine trade for Greece in the 1920s and are reused today as a place of relaxation and mindfulness, we are poetically invited to ask ourselves respectively about gender and hospitality. The figurative languages of Evá and Ingrid intertwine, composing a complex narrative that combines poetry and performativity. By taking over one of the two central silos – formerly used as wine tanks – the artists open a gateway to an uninhabited world.
We invite you to explore -personally and collectively- concepts, to revisit them and give them a new explanation.

Artists & Curator’s bio:

Ingrid Hideki

Ingrid Hideki is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin, originally from Crete. At the core of Ingrid’s artistic practice lies a fusion of visuals, sounds, music and performative elements. In her current work she addresses issues regarding Queerness, fem liberation extrapolating both in the physical and digital realm.

evá papadakis

Evá Papadakis is an interdisciplinary artist and a Fulbright Artist Alumni creating new ways of seeing the world by curating new narratives on the intersection of human rights, climate crisis, refugee rights and the centering of marginalized communities. Their award-winning poetry collection “meraklina|koukibiberissa|obladi” aimed to revolutionize tradition and frame society’s response to current gender, equality, and inclusion and belonging narratives by re-shaping collective memory. As a visual storyteller, they have been commissioned by UNHCR to produce a series of community-led human banners, direct and produce a series of human-centered community engagement videos. Furthermore, they have curated intersectional multimedia visuals for the UN Human Rights Office and co-created an animation film for Fair Trials International. In addition, they have created and participated in artivism performances to demand equality for all. Their most recent multimedia guided tour performance “love in the age of climate crisis” merged music, poetry, painting, and performance along with site-specific installations in an Greek ancient theater to highlight the planet’s current fragile state. Their vision, throughout their art and everyday life, is to act as a changemaker on a personal and local level with a mission to contribute to a glocal movement where anyone, anywhere, anytime can take action and dismantle current systems within to dissolve current narratives. 

Socrates Stamatatos 

Socrates Stamatatos is an independent curator and transdisciplinary artist based in Athens, Greece. Their curatorial, artistic and theoretical pursuits deeply engage with the Queer experience and the philosophy of caring, emphasizing the empowerment of marginalized communities through digital technologies. Socrates’ work explores queer digitality and connectivity, aiming to use these tools for community building and empowerment. They investigate how digital spaces can serve as platforms for queer expression and resistance, fostering a dialogue that transcends traditional art boundaries.

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