Wi-Fi Internet Access (free of charge)
Air Conditioning
Bath Amenities
Bathrobes and Slippers

Check-In time: 15:00
Check-Out time: 11:00

All kids older than 12 yo are welcome and are regarded as adults in the terms of accommodation.

There is a maximum number of kids younger than 12yo that the hotel can host. You are kindly requested to send us an email towards reservations@dexamenes.com with more information regarding kids younger than 12yo (number of children, ages, desired dates) and we will let you know if the maximum limit has been exceeded or not.

Maximum capacity in double/triple accommodation types is 2 adults + 1 kid.

If accepted, babies are accommodated free of charge. Baby cot is provided free of charge, upon availability. Please request it before your arrival.

Dogs (maximum 1 dog/suite) are welcome if they are older than 2 years old and smaller than 12 kg.

One-off sanitation fee of 50€ is applied.

Maximum capacity in double/triple accommodation types is 2 people + 1 pet. Combinations such as 2 adults + 1 kid + 1 pet OR 3 adults + 1 pet are not accepted.

Our pet policy should be accepted and a copy should be signed upon your arrival.
Please contact us at reservations@dexamenes.com and request our full pet policy before your proceed with your reservation.