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Gucci at Dexamenes

Gucci at Dexamenes...

Callista at Dexamenes

Callista at Dexamenes...

Staff Jeans at Dexamenes

Staff Jeans at Dexamenes...

Gastronomos at Dexamenes

Gastronomos Magazine at Dexamenes...

Caretta Caretta Sea Turtle: The Chronicle of a Birth

A Caretta Caretta Sea Turtle laid her eggs on the beach.
The Chronicle of a Birth.

Marble Sculpting: A meaningful dex.perience

"Marble Sculpting: A Meaningful Dex.Perience"
A dex.perience blending historical knowledge with a hands-on workshop, guided by Alexandros Papalabros.

Part of our dex.periences.


The significance of Zymosis /(Fermentation) in religion, traditions, health, sustainability and science....

Road trip to Wild West

"Road trip to Wild West" / Rozita Spinasa

A photographic journey of wandering and self-awareness in the Western Peloponnese, in the area of Dexamenes.

Dexamenes Inspired Architecture

What is Real and What is Not? What is physical? What digital? The inquiry into the nature of reality, the boundaries between the real and the unreal, the physical and...

Gucci at Dexamenes

Gucci at Dexamenes...
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