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A postwar winery has been transformed into a conscious - luxury resort on one of the most unspoiled stretches of coastline in the western Peloponnese in Greece.

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From WineTanks into Hotel Suites.

Dexamenes, built in late 1920’s, is indicative of the industrialization of the long-standing wine-making tradition of the wider region. The history of Dexamenes dates back to the “Era of Currants”. Since the liberation of Greece in 1830s, the cultivation of currants took on impressive dimensions and currants were the main export product of the Greek Kingdom. But when the “Currants’ Crisis” broke out in 1910s in Greece, the trade of currants collapsed and there was a need to convert the unsold stock of currants into alternative products, such as wine.

Nikos Karaflos, the owner and visionary of Dexamenes°°, originally contacted k-studio architects several years ago with an idea to transform an abandoned wine factory on the west coast of mainland Greece, into a hotel.  

From our eco-friendly architecture and renewable energy sources to our commitment to minimizing waste, conserving natural resources, supporting the community, and practicing regenerative agriculture, we strive to create a harmonious balance between luxury and conscious responsibility.

Dexamenes°° offers various types of accommodation. 

34 ex WineTanks and 2 ex ChemLabs have been converted into meaningful – luxury Suites. 

Interconnecting options available, too.

Nikos Karaflos "Engaging the past with the present. Respecting materials and history of the existing abandoned factory."

We are very fortunate to live in an area that is mainly agricultural. Believing in the significance of building communities, our chefs constantly meet young locals that farm and produce what our land is offering its inhabitants for centuries. We prefer local, young and conscious farmers voting against the cruel practices of the massive food industry.


Dexamenes, a hub for immersive encounters. Whether it’s exploring wine or delving into local history, embracing art or focusing on conscious well-being, engage in transformative signature experiences.


In line with our commitment to nurturing culture, we organize cultural gatherings and projects that captivate both our guests and the broader local community, fostering connections with art, wine, nature, and conscious well-being.


Dexamenes Sound Festival

A study exploring the artictic expression possibilities of our two signature Silo Tanks. 

Artist-designed Wine Tastings. A blend of performance art and the contemporary viticulture of Elis region. 

Light Series Events

A series of art end education events inspired by Light.

Our journal is a digital Tank of thoughts, images and connections. A platform of visual diaries, shared experiences and ideas. 

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